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iDecorWalls LLC

iDecorWalls LLC


Coming Soon:
Retail Location!

By the grace of Allah SWA we are excited to share that our very first retail location will be coming soon in Manassas, Virginia! Our goal is to have things running by May 2021 inshAllah.

Thank you to all those who believed in our hard work, dedication, and desire to bring something unique to the world of decor. We appreciate your continued support and prayers as we start our new journey. Make sure to follow our Instagram as we update you all along the way @iDecorWalls!


"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

iDecorWalls LLC started to help revive the beauty of Islamic and Arabic art. We have expanded to many different environments such as custom art, vinyls, wraps and more. Take a look at our collection, each product is hand designed or made with the assistance of machinery. We utilize the best quality to make sure you are brought the best product possible.

Our Story

iDecorWalls LLC was founded by two people with a passion to spread the beauty of modern Arabic Art and help give back to the community. We started in Summer of 2017 when products were started as a hobby. Products were made just as an enjoyment and wall decor for our own homes. At times, we would upload pictures on Snapchat and social media where people started asking if they could possibly get a few products. This was where the potential was seen for a hobby to turn into a business.

Each product is developed and hand made with the assistance of machinery. All products are crafted right here in the United States in Northern Virginia.

Our mission has also been to help give back to communities around us, and all over the nation. That is why with every purchase, 5% of all profits will be donated to various communities and causes each month. Each purchase you make matters and impacts communities around the nation.

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